The Sky Was Full of Fish 18

I parked my car a couple blocks from the warehouse, because that’s how it’s done. I got out and started walking towards the ugly, low building that was my destination. Since I was early, I decided to walk around the building before going inside. The warehouse took up an entire block and had several cargo and man doors along each side. I wondered if it mattered which door I used; the instructions had not specified.

Finally, near midnight, I put on my gloves, picked a door at random, opened it, and stepped inside. Apparently, the entire building was one giant room, and it stank of dust and oil. It was completely dark, except for an illuminated circular area near the center of the room. It seemed like the place to go, so I started walking towards it.

I didn’t get far before I sensed someone or something behind me. I went to turn around, but stopped when my head ran into something metal behind my ear. The clicking sound that immediately followed confirmed that it was the barrel of a freshly cocked pistol.

When a gun is being held to my head, I don’t move. It’s a personal guideline. Accordingly, I stood stock still and waited.

“Hands behind your back,” said the man with the gun. It was a nasty, smirking sort of voice. I complied slowly. The gun went away from my head. Before I could take advantage of this lapse, the man said, “No funny stuff. I’m not the only one in here with a gun.”

My hands were seized roughly and tightly taped together at the wrists, effectively binding the gloves to my hands. Once the taping was done, the gun barrel returned, this time in the small of my back. “Alright, now move,” said the man. “Straight ahead.”

I was facing towards the circle of light in the center of the room, so I assumed that’s where he intended me to go. I started walking towards it. As I moved, I thought I caught glimpses of figures in the darkness, but I couldn’t be sure. I had no choice but to assume that I was surrounded by people with guns, and therefore I was on my best behavior.

When we got to the illuminated area, I was instructed to stand roughly in the center of it. There was a faint sound of running water. The man who had been holding the gun to my back withdrew. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then, without warning, the floor dropped away beneath me. I let out an involuntary yelp of panic as I plunged down into darkness.

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