There’s a trend I’m noticing where it’s cool to point out that there was room on the door for Jack as well as Rose. See, the thing is, there’s a moment in the movie where Jack tries to get on the door and it sinks. There’s room on the door for Jack, sure, but it isn’t buoyant enough to hold them both up out of the water, which is crucial to survival. They can’t both survive if they both stay with the door, and if they both get on the door, they both die. At which point Jack shoulda been, “Okay, I’m going to leave you now and try to not die, hopefully we can rejoin each other once we get out of the water. I love you.” And then he goes and finds another door, and he lives and they are reunited on land, in America, and have a life together. That woulda been pretty okay. But no, he decides to stay with Rose, to sacrifice his life so that she won’t have to be alone until a couple minutes from now, as opposed to being alone right now with a chance he might live. I don’t know.