35. I Can, I Will

I can rise above that which is small in the world.

I can fly to such heights that the only thing between me and the sun is eight minutes of silence.

I can hear the music of the universe piercing the din of a thousand less significant cacophonies.

I can stand with trees.

I can remember the names and faces that swirl around me like leaves in the wind.

I can pay the highest compliment possible.

I can pass unscathed through a cyclone of indecision and regret.

I can see where I’m going.

I can choose a path that guarantees that none shall suffer the consequences of my existence.

I will not be a party to the destiny that awaits.

I will crush the filthy dreams of that broken-hearted multitude.

I will swim to the island in the middle of the sea, stand on the beach, and let the sun and the air gently carry the water away from my skin.

I will emerge victorious from the belly of resolute fate.

I will eat a cheeseburger.

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