Baron Silas Greenback’s Multi-step plans for world domination

These are Dangermouse episodes. From the 80s. Nickelodeon. You know. Baron Greenback was the villain on that show, and he was always coming up with plans to take over the world. Plans which hilariously fail to stand up to scrutiny. Enough blabber. To the plans!

Lord of the Bungle
1. Turn all the elephants of the world into sugarcubes that will revert back to elephant form when moistened.
2. Put elephant cubes in the sugar bowls of all world leaders.
3. ???
4. Rule the world!

Chicken Run
1. Steal super-duper growth serum.
2. Create giant chickens whose eggs are normal sized.
3. Deliver the eggs to every doorstep with the morning milk.
4. Hatch eggs, unleashing superchicks on an unsuspecting public.
5. ???
6. Rule the world!

Ice Station Camel
1. Install a set of brakes on the north pole to stop the Earth’s rotation.
2. ???
3. Rule the world!

Die Laughing
1. Incapacitate the world’s leaders through use of gas that makes them laugh uncontrollably.
2. Unleash the deadly laughing gas on the world at large.
3. ???
4. Rule the world!

1. Drown the entire planet in instant custard.
2. Retreat to the moon.
3. ???
4. Rule the world!

2 thoughts on “Baron Silas Greenback’s Multi-step plans for world domination

  1. Isaac Kelley April 12, 2019 / 6:28 pm

    Danger Mouse is mouse-sized right? Were the eggs bigger than DM? I don’t remember how scale worked on that show.

  2. ethanabides April 17, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    Scale worked seemingly at random. At times DM seemed human sized, but then other times you see giant human feet running down a sidewalk from a mouse-eye view. In the chicken episode, you see DM holding an egg he intended to have for breakfast and it’s sized as though he were human. Later, you’ve got giant eggs from giant chickens rolling down the street and smashing on the car and covering it completely with egg. DM comments to Penfold about where can they get a rasher of bacon five yards long. Mouse yards, apparently. Greenback later says that the giant chicken eggs look normal, so that’s an inconsistency. I don’t know. I think a consistent scale was outside the budget for the show.

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