Dialogs October 2019

I assure you, sir, that I would not lie over so trivial a matter.

Let’s all sit around and gab about how goddamn happy we are.

It makes me happier than a dollop of whipped cream on the nose of Bambi.

It’s the thing where I refuse to break a confidence and you break up with me.

There’s a reason everybody thought I was a lunatic. It’s because I was a lunatic.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. What’s more, you’re speaking my language.

Don’t worry about the cockroaches. They’re here to act as scenery. And to crawl all over you.

You are a fucking artist, and I mean that seriously.

You are absolutely wonderful in every way. You don’t have to believe me — but I’m right.

Resist the urge to amuse yourself.

Take your healing anywhere you can find it.

I don’t think how other people think. And it bites me in the ass over and over.

I want to nourish you.

I’m barely holding it together, man; don’t fuck with me!

Thank you, you sweet thing.

Because my head is so far up her ass, there’s no air for days.

If we leave it here, I’m never coming back. Do you want me to come back?

It was a joke, man. Now I’m going to die. Because of a joke.

It’s okay; I have nervous breakdowns all the time.

It doesn’t matter what it is, ’cause this is just the demo.

I don’t know. Usually Tuesday and Friday, I guess.

Don’t knock it. Flies get dirt.

I don’t like a spider that is big enough that you can aim for its head.

Look man, I’m not breaking the law, and I’m not antagonizing you in any way.

So this is how it begins.

It is clever, but I completely missed it.

This is the first time.

He was talking about you.

Well, you could laugh, ’cause it’s fucking funny.

I do still value your input, even though I know everything.

I’m thankful for everything you choose to share with me.

Look at you, all hot as shit.

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