So I found this new band somehow. They’re not exactly new anymore; their album came out in 2018. But what it is, it’s a girl band. A quartet of badass bitches playing 70s rock. It’s like early Heart with a bit of Chrissie Hynde thrown in. And it’s legit good rock. Strong performances on all four instruments — guitar, bass, drums, voice. But it’s their live show where they really shine. A lot of credit for that goes to frontman Molly Sides. She’s a frontman in the sense of the stereotypical rock frontman — a sexualized male who throws his sexuality into his performance. Classic examples: Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, I could keep going. The hip-thrusting sex machine in front of a rock band has been done to death — by men. This is a female hip-thrusting sex machine throwing her sexuality into her performance, and it is dynamite. There’s an example performance at the end of the post.

Now, of course I’m not saying that no prior women have incorporated their sexuality into their performances. But I am saying that I’ve never seen it better done than by Thunderpussy.

And the music is good! It’s not particularly innovative, but it’s really solid 70s rock, and fun as hell to listen to. The vocal performance is excellent from start to finish, and the songs neatly avoid the trap of sameness that can sometimes be a thing that makes a band less listenable than it otherwise would be if the element of sameness were not present. Sorry about that sentence; I was having a bit of fun.

Bottom line? I love this fucking band. So I’m telling you about it.