Dialogs December 2020

What possible reason could you have for interrupting my meal?

Plaster women with their heads on fire really do it for me, you know.

I said those things because I was hurting, and I hate that I hurt you.

Stop treating me like I did it.

Your profile is beautifully crafted and deeply moving, by the way.

It was always easier not to.

I’m having a bad day, and I took it out on you, and I’m sorry.

Man, you don’t know my situation. Don’t make jokes.

Will you please slow down?

The shit can be seen to move, even from a very great distance away.

Sometimes you wanna kick downwards.

Are you bothered about the potential sexual implications? Don’t be.

You’re just jealous ’cause I figured it out before you did.

How about you fucking don’t call her that?

You people need fucking hobbies.

You got anything better to do right now?

Sexually, she just doesn’t exist.

I can’t do the homework because I am fucked up.

Seven fucking sixty-fucking-fourths.

It’s not your fault. I’m fucked in the head.

I wasn’t aware that it was a fucking competition.

It is possible that I already knew that.

If it were me, and I could do this, I would do it.

Imagine being the person doing that.

I don’t know what you think is happening here, but I don’t think you’ve got it.

You have a lovely nose. But I don’t want to see it right now.

Dude, whatever happened, you’re making it worse.

If I make someone’s life better, then my life is not empty.

Fuck you; I’m an American.

If you don’t like the Doors, that’s fine. But don’t try to say their music is bad; that just makes you an idiot.

Your voice reminds me of a bucket of urine being dumped unceremoniously onto hot asphalt.

When you go to do something to do, you do it in style.

Our relationship was problematic.

One part is truth, and the other part is a lie.

Remind me not to have any dealings with you.

As do all intelligent people.

In the past, you could hurt me. Now you’re just pathetic.

I suggest you not give me shit for following your fucking orders.

You’d be sitting there, and then, wump! Cat!

No, that’s stupid and weird.

He did it. The decision was made before I intervened.

Am I inappropriately touching you?

What is the liquid running down my side?

Of course cancer trumps everything; it’s fucking cancer!

Somebody tell me to shut up. I can’t stop talking.

I don’t know. I don’t understand why you asked me that.

I would take the cap off the bottle and throw it away.

I just wanted to get rid of it. I’ve got cheese for brains.

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