Song of the Day: “Pop/Stars” by K/DA

This is a song I found in my playlist recently that I had no recollection of putting there. It came up on shuffle for the first time after being in the playlist for years, and I was like, “What the fuck is this?” I pieced together that it was a song that Marnie had asked me to find, that I had liked, so I threw it in the playlist and promptly forgot all about it. It’s a song put together by Riot Games to support their League of Legends game. It’s a virtual K-pop girl group, basically. The members of the group are characters from the game; they don’t actually exist. The human performers that give them voice are real, however, and they kick ass. This song is fucking awesome. I love it.

After I took such a shine to this song, I investigated getting into K-pop, but I don’t like it that much, it turns out. Except for this song, that isn’t even K-pop; it’s K-pop-inspired. I don’t know. Whatever. Here’s the song. It’s a fuckin’ banger.