Elixir of Health

Elixir of Health
The drinker of this potion becomes healthy. All diseases cured, bacteria idealized, weight idealized, all physical systems (digestive, central nervous, circulatory, lymph, etc.) operating at optimal efficiency. The potion fixes skin problems. Heals wounds and broken bones. Fixes all dental problems. Restores lost organs and limbs. Reverses aging. Cures blindness, vision problems like myopia and astigmatism, deafness, cerebral palsy, any and all genetic issues and birth defects. Cures all mental illnesses, bipolar, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Neutralizes any poisons that may be affecting the drinker. You get the idea. You drink the Elixir of Health, and you get super fucking healthy. Period. Once you’ve been rendered healthy, the magic dissipates, and you are subject to all health risks again.

The Elixir of Health will stop working if you take it too many times, so it is best to take it only at times of grave need. It has been known to poop out after as few as three doses, but some have as many as 13 uses and counting. Unlucky motherfuckers, the lot of them. Sure, the potion worked. But they needed the potion, can you dig it? They were in 13 health emergencies in their lives. Near death. ‘Cause those are the laws; the EoH may not be administered until the patient will die without it. So if you’ve had 13 EoH, it has nearly fatally sucked to be you thirteen times and counting. The good news? The potion worked. But will it work next time? Only one way to find out.

You can of course find EoH on the black market, but it is often cut with cheaper, less effective substances. Buyer beware. Taking a black market version, the worst case scenario (that the potion doesn’t work, and EoH potions won’t work on you anymore) is common enough to be significant.

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