Turntable of Elegant Sufficiency

Turntable of Elegant Sufficiency
This is a magical turntable. It is similar to most modern automatic turntables, except it is a very bare bones design. Few bells and whistles, as none are needed. No wires go in or out of it. It requires no electricity, amp, or speakers; you can simply put on a record, hit the button, and the turntable engages, producing sound that pleasantly fills the room. (Volume may be adjusted by a knob on the unit.) It never skips, and even records that are dirty or damaged (scratches, wear and tear, cracks, etc.) play flawlessly, as though it were their first play. The turntable automatically adjusts the speed of the rotation appropriately for 45, 78, and 33 1/3 RPM records. Unlike a mundane turntable, the Turntable of Elegant Sufficiency does not degrade the quality of the records over time. It requires no maintenance and won’t break down in any way.

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