Mug of Reconciliation

Mug of Reconciliation
A sturdy stainless steel mug with two handles, one on either side. It has a sort of scuffed and dinged-up look to it. Two people grasp the handles, each of them says “Share.” These utterances don’t have to be said at exactly the same time, but they must be said while both people are willingly holding the mug. Anyway, at some point, the “Shares” will be uttered, and at that moment, each person holding the mug instantaneously knows and understands the other’s point of view. It’s like a point of view gun*, except no aiming, and consent required.

*The point of view gun is a gun that shoots your point of view at others, who are forced to see things from it. It’s a plot device from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie with Martin Freeman.

Oh, and nobody gets embarrassed by revealing personal shit accidentally. It’s magic. It just works.

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