Two Facial Tissue Solutions

Gurgi’s Tissue Box
This is what appears to be a normal tissue box. Aside from the fact that it’s made of wood, not cardboard. It’s the kind with the tissue popping up out of a hole in the top of the box. You pull out a tissue, and another pops out and is all grabbable and shit. Two things about Gurgi’s Tissue Box: 1) it never runs out of tissue, and 2) the tissue delivery mechanism never fails. So you never have to reach into the tissue box to try to restart the thing.

Tissue Rift
When you cast this spell, a small rift appears through which facial tissues are endlessly dispensed as needed. The rift can appear wherever you specify when casting. Could be on an object or a terrain feature, or it could just be in midair. When no tissue has been pulled for a minute, the rift closes up, leaving no trace. But it can always be cast again. You can only ever have one active tissue rift.

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