“New” Quote

For the first time in over five years, I have put a new quote at the top of the Quotes list. It’s not really new though, because it was already on the list. I just moved it up to the top of the list and said it was new. The thing is, I have no compunctions against putting quotes I love into the faces of anybody who looks my way. ‘Cause they’re so cool. Quotes in general, but my list in particular.

This “new” quote was on the very first quotes page I ever did, back in the old SimplePhrase days. And I just felt like drawing attention to it again. It’s been a long time since it was at the top of the list. Some people might not be familiar with it. Seems likely, actually. So go read the quote, and read the ones after it too if you feel like a good quotes list. You can click the link in the previous paragraph to get to it, or you should be able to use site navigation to get there as well. Poke around the page and click where it says, “Quotes”.