Caring Pot

Caring Pot
Body modification
First things first: “Pot” is short for potentiometer. Which is basically a volume knob. The Caring Pot is a volume knob for your feelings. It is a potentiometer that gets fused with your body. Little knob sticking out that you can turn. When the pot is first installed, you decide where on your body it goes. A popular choice is behind the left ear. Once installed, the Caring Pot works and can be used immediately.

What it does. So, when you think about a concept, you can use the Caring Pot to increase or decrease the degree to which you care about that concept. You can do this for any number of concepts. The Caring Pot allows you to effectively manage your feelings without all the messy thinking and knowing.

Many people opt to have a Caring Pot installed after a bad breakup.

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