Flying Backpack of Love

Flying Backpack of Love
This is a fairly nondescript canvas backpack. They are usually some shade of navy blue, but they can be of any colored cloth. The only clue to the backpack’s nature is a small insignia on the main flap. The insignia is of silver-colored metal and shows a stylized jet airplane from above. The backpack can be used to carry things around just like a normal backpack. But when you wear the backpack, and you think thoughts of love, and you feel the love in your heart, the backpack confers on the wearer a levitation ability.

This levitation ability allows the wearer to move around, up, down, forwards, backwards, sideways, upside-down, in any direction desired. The advantage the backpack has over the Levitate spell is, it can go faster. Much, much, faster. The Levitate spell allows you to move as fast as you can run. The Flying Backpack of Love allows you to move as fast as a jet. You don’t have to go that fast, of course. But if you do, you’ll want to wear protective clothing.

The backpack will only confer the levitation ability when you have love in your heart. Should you lose touch with the love in your heart whilst airborne, The backpack will not let you fall to your death. It will float downwards and deposit you gently on the ground. That’s assuming there was ground below you when you lost the love. If you lose the love over water, or some other kind of hazard, you may have a problem. Look deep within yourself. Find your love. Open your heart. You will fly again.

Obviously, those incapable of feeling pure love in their heart will be unable to use the backpack. Well, I mean, they can use it. But it won’t let them fly.

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