Wand of Hysterectomy

Wand of Hysterectomy
This is a wooden wand traditionally made of elm, though other woods are also used. When activated with the keyword, an azure ray extends from the tip. When the ray is trained on the lower abdomen of a human, it will cause any uterus that may be present in said human to rapidly shrink away into nothing. Along with ovaries, Fallopian tubes, etc. All the reproductive shit shrinks and winks out of existence in the space of about thirty seconds. The target cannot feel this happening. When the process is complete, the magic will make both the target and the wielder of the wand (if they are not the same person) aware that it has indeed happened, and the target is now uterus-free. There will be no negative consequences if the ray continues to be trained on the target after the uterus is gone; without the presence of a uterus, the ray has no effect.

If for some reason the ray is moved so that it no longer points to the target, and the uterus has not yet winked out, the uterus will simply grow back over the course of a minute or two. As with the shrinking, this cannot be felt. At any time, the ray can be pointed at the target and the shrinking process will begin again. Playing “yo-yo uterus” in this way is not advised.

Once completed, the procedure is reversible, but this requires the person to take 13 potions (all of which are not delicious and very expensive) over a course of three months. All of the potions must be taken at precisely the proper time and in the correct order with the appropriate rituals for it to work. During this period, the reproductive organs will slowly grow back. There will likely be some discomfort from cramping during the period of regrowth. Once the regimen is completed after three months, the reproductive system will be fully restored and functional again. But beware: if a dose is missed or taken out of sequence, the magic will fail and the process cannot be attempted again. In these cases, it is advisable that the incomplete uterus be removed again with the Wand of Hysterectomy.

You cannot shrink the uterus of a person who does not consent to it. The way this works is, the magic makes the target aware of what will happen. At this point the target can refuse consent, and the ray will have no effect. If consent cannot be given due to unconsciousness, intoxication, immaturity, or for any other reason, the wand simply will not work. The magic figures this all out, and it is infallible. For great justice.

In the old days, Wands of Hysterectomy did not have the consent clause built-in, and this caused considerable strife and heartache. Fortunately, the Consensual Magic Act of 1962 made non-consent Wands of Hysterectomy illegal to produce or possess. As a result, they have become rarer and rarer. They can still be found for sale on the black market occasionally, at exorbitant asking prices, but most of them have been destroyed at this point.

Note that the wand will shrink and disappear a uterus that is impregnated. All the more reason to require the consent clause.