Olfactory Pot

Olfactory Pot
Body modification
“Pot” is short for “potentiometer”, which is basically a volume knob. An Olfactory Pot is similar in concept to the Caring Pot. It’s a little volume knob that gets magically grafted to your body at a location of your choosing. The pot is waterproof and should be washed regularly. Once installed and enchanted, the Olfactory Pot can be used to “turn down” various smells. Suppose you walk into a Dairy Queen, and you’re overwhelmed by the smells of sugar, grease, charred meat, freezers, soft-serve, industrial cleaners, etc. With a twiddle of the Olfactory Pot, you can reduce the intensity of the DQ smell down to where you’re just aware of it, but it is not causing discomfort. You can have individual adjustments set for any number of different smells.

Note that it is not possible to completely turn off your awareness to a smell. You can’t turn anything all the way down. The reason for this is, smell is an important part of the environment. The easy example is, if you turned down your smell of natural gas to nothing, that would obviously be unsafe. The Olfactory Pot errs on the side of caution. It will, however, reduce the impact of the smell upon you. Like, if you smell something gross and turn it all the way down, you’ll still be aware of it, but it won’t nauseate you or trigger an extreme reaction from you. If you leave it turned all the way down, that smell will never bother you again. Unless you turn back up for some reason.

Actually, a popular pastime amongst the youth is to go to places where you know there are horrendous smells, and daring each other to see how far up they can stand to turn their Olfactory Pots.

That’s all well and good, but how does the Olfactory Pot actually work? No, I mean, how do you use it? Well, it’s magic, so it’s very simple and intuitive. Magic just works, remember. You simply think about the smell you want to adjust, and turn the knob. It’s that simple.

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