Potion of Exam Poise (PEP)

Potion of Exam Poise (PEP)
Quaff this potion before taking an exam. You will remain calm during the exam, and you will not experience anxiety, jitters, nervousness, or any kind of uneasiness in response to the exam. You will find that you are clear-headed and able to bring your knowledge and study to bear in the task before you. A PEP does not guarantee a good grade on the test, but it allows you to complete your exam in a state of emotional serenity, your thought processes unencumbered by test anxiety or whatever. You will remain cool, calm, and collected while you complete your exam.

When the potion wears off, after about five hours, you will experience some drowsiness. Many users factor in time for a nap when planning their exam days. An hour nap is usually sufficient to get you feeling back to normal.

If for some horrendous reason you’re taking an exam that lasts longer than five hours, you can simply take another PEP. As long as you don’t wait too long between doses, the drowsy period will be delayed until there is no more PEP in your system.

Schools are generally tolerant when it comes to PEPs. There was a Congressional hearing in the 80s about it, and they were ruled to not be performance enhancing, but rather just a removal of certain symptoms. Analogous to an NSAID. Advil isn’t gonna make you smarter, and neither is a PEP.

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