I mixed up my 3×3. I was trying to do a trick, you know, where you move the centers around so that each face is a ring of one color with a different color in the middle. I got it into that configuration, but I got lost trying to get it back out. Realizing it was a time of destiny, I went ahead and really mixed it. There’s just one acceptable method for this thing to get solved again, and that’s for me to put it through its turns.

I’ll get to it. At the moment I’m more interested in playing with the 2×2 that I ordered to tide me over until the 3×3 got here. They both arrived yesterday. That wasn’t a fail; the ordering of the 2×2, not the delivery, is what was tiding me over. Having them arrive at the same time was a big win.

I’ve mixed the 2×2 and solved it once, and I wanna do it a couple more times, get comfortable with it, and try to get familiar with the concepts on an exponentially simpler cube. Plus it’s totally cute, this 2×2. I’m not ready to abandon it yet.