Reduced Music Listening

I recently had to reduce the amount of time I spent listening to music. I used to listen to music literally all the time. Not literally all the time. How to put it? During waking hours, it was far more likely that music would be playing than not. Several months after making that reduction in listening frequency, it’s nice to have finally gotten used to not having music on.

I had a similar experience when I stopped listening to music in the car. That was maybe eight years ago. There was an adjustment period that was a bit uncomfortable. Without music, everything just seems so boring. I adjusted quicker to driving without music than I did blogging or whatever without music. Because when you’re driving, there’s always shit to hear. The bumps in the road, wind, precipitation, engine noise, turn signal clicks, resonant bridges, sirens — it’s all varied, all the time. Less variety on the freeway, but still enough to keep you from losing your mind. The sounds aren’t foot-tappable like music, but they are interesting in their way. And driving without music is statistically safer. Plus if you drive without music, you don’t have to fuck around with CD’s or plugging your phone in the car or whatever. I actually prefer driving without music now, which is something I never thought would be the case.

What’s your favorite road sound? The sound of going under a bridge during a rainstorm, the abrupt pause and resumption of rain, and the relative silence between, a “silence” that is full of noise and bridge echo and tire hiss. I’m fond of that one. That’s not a noise so much as a riff. Road riff!