Wand of Biopsy and Extraction

Wand of Biopsy and Extraction
Wand of B/E for short
This is a wand that was created by Dr. Jennifer Hartmann Wallace, the famous artificer and surgeon. It is based on the Wand of Hysterectomy (Wand of H for short). As the Wand of H is heavily referenced in this write-up, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Wand of H before continuing.

Dr. Wallace was always intrigued by the Wand of H, and she wondered if she could expand its powers and flexibility as a medical tool. Turns out she totally could do that. She researched and developed the Wand of B/E over a period of about 15 years. The fruits of her efforts took the medical world by storm in January 1983. Today you’d be hard pressed to find a hospital that doesn’t have at least a few Wands of B/E.

So what does it do? Well, it allows a competent surgeon to explore the patient’s interior and shrink away organs, tumors, bones, masses, whatever. This allows for completely clean extractions of pretty much anything the surgeon wants to extract. Biopsies can be taken during this process; they are immediately teleported to a location the surgeon specifies. Preferably there will be specimen jars or something available. Otherwise, things can get messy and gross.

Right, so it would be super easy to kill someone with this wand, right? Just extract their brain. To mitigate this risk, the Wand of B/E has a consent clause that works exactly the same way as that of the Wand of H. And unlike the Wand of H, a Wand of B/E was never created without the consent clause. Furthermore, you have to be a licensed surgeon to be allowed to use a Wand of B/E.

How else does the Wand of B/E differ from the Wand of H?

1) The Wand of B/E is typically made of stainless steel instead of elm or other wood.

2) The Wand of B/E’s ray is blue-green, rather than the Wand of H’s azure ray.

3) The Wand of H’s effects can be reversed with a regimen of potions and rituals, while the Wand of B/E’s effects are irreversible. So don’t fuck up, right? Much like mundane surgery.

4) You can’t play “yo yo organs” with the Wand of B/E. Once the surgeon makes the decision to biopsy or extract something, it shrinks and continues to shrink until it is gone, even if the wand is pointed away, and even if the surgeon instantly changes their mind. Once you “pull the trigger”, so to speak, there are no take-backs.

Where do the things extracted by the Wand of B/E and the Wand of H go? They don’t go anywhere. It’s magic. The material simply bleeds into the magical fabric of the multiverse, no fuss no muss. You really don’t need to be worrying about this.

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