Culture 15

This is one of the saddest songs I know. I’m not saying it’s like super ultra sad. It just gets to me. “The maidens watched them together.” The pain. It’s a dull ache in my chest. Meanwhile, the music is transcendent. This song is a complex emotional cocktail. It is not unchallenging for me, but I enjoy it profoundly. Full lyrics below.

Once there were two knights and maidens
They’d walk together
Out in the gardens
In all kinds of weather

The knights always pestered the maidens
To love them together
Out in the gardens
And they could watch each other

The maidens had other plans for the two knights
They’d give them potions
And make them see dreams and lights

The knights took the potions gladly
They laughed at their visions
But outside the garden
Tigers smelled them together

The knights only laughed at the tigers
They thought they were visions
Out in the garden
The maidens watched them together

Ah, but for the two knights
Ah, but for maidens
Who gave to them dreams and lights

— Crash Test Dummies, “Two Knights and Maidens” (1993)