Thermostat Pot

Thermostat Pot
Body modification
“Pot” is short for “potentiometer”, which is basically a volume knob. A volume knob that is surgically/magically grafted to you in the body location of your choice. Once installed, the knob works flawlessly forever, and you can use it to control what temperature the air feels like to you. Are you cold? Bump up the thermostat pot. Hot? Turn down the thermostat pot. You will feel hotter/colder, and you will be able to interact with the environment without suffering undue harm from temperature extremes. So like, you can go into a refrigerated warehouse and not suffer any discomfort. Assuming you turn up the thermostat pot sufficiently, you will be comfortable and will not get hypothermia or whatever. Turn it down, and cool your heels in a sauna. That kind of thing. But like, if somebody throws a rock at you, even if it’s a hot rock and your thermostat pot is turned down, it’s still gonna kill you.

There’s a detent in the middle of the knob; that’s the “Off” position. When you turn the knob to that position, you will experience the environment as it is, not magically modified. And then you go up or down from there.

There are limits to how much the Thermostat Pot can correct for. Can you turn your pot all the way down and then safely walk through a bonfire? Well, no. But the actual limits depend on the person. As a general rule, you shouldn’t expect to survive unharmed for too long in more than 200 degrees F, or less than -20 degrees F.

The thermostat pot will not harm you. So if you experience sudden temperature changes for whatever reason, and find yourself with, say, your thermostat pot turned all the way up in a 100 degrees F room, you won’t spontaneously combust. The thermostat pot has a failsafe where, if its settings will harm you, it temporarily shuts down and will not function until such time as it is turned to the “Off” position. It then resets and can be further adjusted from there.

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