Dimming Ritual

Dimming Ritual
If you see a screen go dim in preparation for turning off completely, it’s good luck to wake up the screen before it goes black. But only if you’re gonna then use the computer like right then. Don’t waste electricity. That’s bad luck. But if you’re thinking about something or are otherwise distracted while working with a computer, and you see the screen go dim ’cause you’re taking a long time, get in there with that shift key, or move the mouse, or scroll, or whatever you like to do to wake up a screen. You’ll be rewarded with some kind of small good fortune later that day. A particularly good sandwich from the shop, say. If the screen goes black before you can jostle it, you will only get bad luck for that if you believe that you will. So just be careful out there.

But be warned: you can’t artificially create the circumstances and then expect to get good luck for it. We’re talking about waiting for your screen to go dim just to get the good luck. For that, you get bad luck, which is totally the opposite to what you want. It has to be happenstance that you witness a dimming and perform your jostling maneuver to keep it lit. The magic will know the difference.

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