Plug Socket

Plug Socket
Cast this spell, and a shimmery panel about the size of an electrical plug socket appears where you specify. Could be on a wall, an object, or even floating in midair. There are no slots or anything, just a smooth flat surface. But you can push the prongs of any electrical plug into the surface, until the body of the plug is flush with the surface. What kind of plug doesn’t matter; it’s a universal outlet. The outlet provides clean power to whatever is plugged into it, regardless of voltage requirements and whatnot. Only one thing may be plugged in at a time, however.

The plug socket lasts until it is dismissed, or you die, whichever happens first. You can actually maintain multiple plug sockets at one time. At any one time you may have a number of active plug sockets less than or equal to the number of complete decades you’ve been alive. So I’m 46 (last day!), so I can maintain up to four plug sockets.

You do not have to be present for the plug socket to do its thing. So you can plug in your fridge, and then your fridge always works even if the power goes down. And you can just forget about that plug socket, and it’ll be there until you die. Also, you can dismiss a plug socket no matter where you are in relation to the plug socket. You can just sort of think about it, and sense the presence of the plug socket wherever it is, and if you want, you can poof it. It’s that easy.

When a plug socket goes away, Anything plugged into it is gently but firmly ejected, and then the plug socket disappears in a whiff of ozone.