Solar Battery

Solar Battery
A Solar Battery is a battery that is powered by the sun. Only I don’t mean it’s rechargeable. There’s a magical field inside the battery that acts like a portal to the sun itself, and this (tiny) portal provides the energy the battery uses to power whatever it’s installed in.

Solar batteries come in all the various battery sizes, A, AA, C, D, flat batteries, etc. Larger versions are also used in car batteries and other industrial applications.

If the battery becomes compromised or otherwise sufficiently damaged, the portal will automatically wink out, leaving the inert materials of the battery that can be thrown out with the trash or recycled.

If the battery never gets damaged, it will last and supply power virtually indefinitely. Basically, as long as the Sun is a thing that shines, the solar batteries will continue to harness that energy and provide power to any device they are attached to.

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