Corrected Vision

Corrected Vision
Cast this spell on yourself or another target with eyes. Magical fields take their place in front of the eyes of the target, and will correct the target’s vision to 20/20 vision. These fields magically bend the light to achieve their end. They cannot be touched or seen or felt on the eyes, and they don’t interfere with any activity around the eyes. If you put in eyedrops, for example, the vision correction will not block their progress onto your cornea. The corrective fields move perfectly with your eyes, regardless of where and at what rate of speed you are moving.

You can have only one set of Corrected Vision going at a time. It goes away when the target dies, or you can dismiss the current one whenever you want, and it disappears without so much as a poof. If you try to cast it again while the first one hasn’t been dismissed, the spell fizzles. Dismiss the original and try again. You don’t have to be anywhere near the instance of Corrected Vision in order to dismiss it. (This only really applies when you cast the Corrected Vision on someone other than yourself.) If you are the one who cast it, you’ll be able to feel its signature in the waves of magic that move through the universe, and dismiss it no matter where the target is.

Optionally, you can have an illusion of eyeglasses on your face while the spell is in effect, but that’s purely cosmetic. Like the corrective fields themselves, these “eyeglasses” can’t be touched, adjusted, or removed, and they don’t offer any protection or shielding for your eyes whatsoever. The eyeglasses will appear how you want them to. So you can do the Elton John thing if you feel like it, or whatever.

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