Pain Shower

Pain Shower
This is a small, colorful, jeweled doohickey. It will stick to most surfaces, and won’t come off until you pull it off again. Place the doohickey somewhere in your shower stall, and when you get under the water, it will wash physical pain away. Internal pain, external pain, all the same. Under the incredibly soothing waters of the pain shower, you will feel relief from all discomfort and pain. There are no side effects.

The water will make you clean, also, like any normal shower. When you get out of the shower, you will be pain-free for a while, and then the pain will slowly return over the course of a few hours. At any point, you may take another pain shower and enjoy the same relief.

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2 thoughts on “Pain Shower

  1. Isaac December 12, 2022 / 5:40 pm

    I have questions.
    Will new pain immediately register after showering? That is to say, if I stub my toe immediately after showering, will it hurt immediately, or will I only feel the effects hours later when the shower wears off?
    If I collect the water, can I daub myself with it as pain management, later, or does it only work while the shower is running?
    Similarly, if I’m not in the shower yet, but it’s steamed up the bathroom, will that steam provide soothing benefits?
    If my shower water is scalding hot or freezing cold, will I not register it as painful or uncomfortable?
    If I stick the doohickey in a bathtub can I take a bath with similar benefits?
    Does it have to be in a bathroom? Could I stick a showerhead on a garden hose, stick the doohickey on the back of the showerhead and produce the same benefits?

  2. ethanabides December 12, 2022 / 6:42 pm

    Well, I can always count on you for the third degree. 🙂 Let’s just get into it.

    New pain: Stub your toe after getting out of the shower, feel that pain right away. You could eliminate it for a while by getting in the shower again.

    The water doesn’t have healing powers. The doohickey does. Through the shower. Which is made of water. I guess, it’s being in the shower, not the water, that makes the doohickey make with the pain relief. No, you can’t collect water from a pain shower and use it later for pain relief.

    The steam doesn’t provide soothing benefits. Again, it’s being in the shower, not the water, that triggers the doohickey.

    Yes, you will be discomfited by water whose temperature damages you, even though you won’t necessarily be screaming in pain. Why would you run that shower?

    Doohickey in bath: I suppose you can have a pain bath if you prefer.

    The doohickey works in any shower. That includes an improvised shower. If the shower drops water on people, the doohickey does the thing.

    The pain shower was created for people with chronic pain. It’ll treat pain from injuries, but it’s really for the chronic pain.

    Thanks for all your questions!

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