Lightsaber Options

People talk about what color they want their lightsaber to be. That’s too limiting. Me, I want a lava lamp lightsaber. It’s not actually a lava lamp, of course. It’s just, the blade has blobs in it of a specific color that contrasts with the base color of the blade. These blobs don’t seem to be affected by the momentum of the blade as it is wielded. They simply travel languidly from the hilt to the tip and back, squeezing past each other, combining, splitting apart, etc. You know. The whole lava lamp thing. As a result of this, and to make room, my blade has a bigger diameter than your average lightsaber. This has no effect on the function.

So yeah. I have a lava lamp lightsaber. The question remains, what color? The blade is green, and the blobs are shiny black.

Man, now I want that lava lamp.

Or how about a snow globe lightsaber? For this one, the “snow” would be affected by the motion of the blade.

Rainbow lightsaber? Somebody would’ve had to have come up with a rainbow lightsaber. That’s pretty basic.