Turn Signal Lever of Opportunity

Turn Signal Lever of Opportunity
Cast this charm on the turn signal lever of your car. When properly cast, the turn signal lever will take on a faint glimmering which can be easily detected if you look closely, but isn’t distracting. Henceforward, provided you use your turn signal for every turn, and provided you stop and look like a normal driver, you will never have to wait for an opening to turn. Like, say, out of a driveway, parking lot, or side street. There will be an opening every time, right away.

However, if you ever should make a turn and fail to use your turn signal, the charm is dispelled. You’ll know because it’ll stop glimmering. The charm may be recast on the same turn signal lever any number of times. The thing is, unless you’re a magic user, you’ll have to pay somebody to do the charm for you, and that isn’t cheap. A turn signal charm will usually set you back about $350. I don’t know why they cost that much; I’m not a magic user. I can just tell you what they charge.

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