Disk of Force

Disk of Force
Cast this spell, and a force field appears. It is disk-shaped, a circle a meter in diameter and an inch or so thick. The disk appears translucent, kinda milky and cloudy. It can be positioned and oriented in any way the caster see fit. It’ll stop bullets, is immovable if the caster wills it to be so (a backhoe or equivalent can shift it), and when oriented horizontally it can carry stuff, including people. Weight limit is one ton. The caster can cause the disk to move by concentrating a little bit, but it can’t move very fast. Only about as fast as a slow walk. The Disk of Force stays around until it is dismissed by the caster, or until the caster dies. It disappears if it ever is more than a hundred yards from the caster. You can only ever have one at a time.

About the Magic

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