Tree Collar

Tree Collar
This is a band of what appears to be a canvaslike material. The band is maybe a foot wide and ten feet long. You wrap the band, or tree collar, I suppose I should call it, around the trunk of a tree. The tree collar must go all the way around the tree. If the tree is too thick for the standard ten-foot tree collar to go all the way around the trunk, larger tree collars can be created. Expensively.

Anyway, what is it all for? If you’ve got a tree next to your house, say, and you’re worried about it falling over and crushing the house, if you put a tree collar on the tree, that tree (or material from it) will never damage the house.

Installing a tree collar is easy. Just wrap it loosely around the tree as well as you can, and then utter the incantation, and the tree collar will act like shrink wrap, tightening up to cleanly wrap around the tree, all fitted up nicely and everything. Wind cannot blow off a tree collar, but pranksters or animals can remove them, so it’s a good idea to check the integrity of your tree collars periodically. You can get different colored ones to match your particular house.

A tree with a tree collar can still drop branches and fall over and die and stuff. It’ll just never damage the house.

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