Shower Idealizer

Shower Idealizer
This is a small doohickey. It can take any appearance; usually you’ll see them as a haphazard cluster of gemstones set in some kind of metal, usually something rust-proof. Most common color scheme is green, white, and silver. That color combo has culturally been the default color scheme for Shower Idealizers, at least here in the States. I’ve read that UK Shower Idealizers tend to be green, blue, and silver. But whatever. There are no rules; color schemes are used for doohickeys for the sake of convenience and ease of identifying, but that’s not a requirement for the item to function.

The doohickey will stick to most surfaces and won’t fall off until you pull it off with intention. I mean, a truck could shift it, but you’re unlikely to knock it off by accident.

When the Shower Idealizer is placed somewhere in a functioning shower, it does two things.

The first thing it does is regulate the temperature of the water.

A shower equipped with an Idealizer needs no warm-up time. The water will be the perfect temperature instantly. You can adjust the temperature up or down just by thinking about it, or you can think of a temperature, say 105 degrees F, and the water will adjust to the specified temperature. (The Shower Idealizer never confuses temperature scales, and always adjusts to the temperature you actually want. In the example above, you would not have been scalded to death if you had failed to specify Fahrenheit. It’s magic. It just works.)

The temperature changes take place gradually rather than abruptly. Depending on the temperature difference, an adjustment usually takes 5-15 seconds.

Throughout your shower, the temperature will remain constant unless you change it, at which point it will remain constant at the new setting until you change it again. The water is not magic; it’s the regular water that the shower would normally dispense. It’s just magically temperature corrected.

The second thing the Shower Idealizer does is purify the water.

Well, it’s not really purification. It’s idealization. It does purify the water, removing contaminants and toxins. But it also analyzes the water and can add minerals and whatnot to make the water better at being shower water. The result is a comfortable shower that leaves your skin feeling great.

If there’s a choice, you’ll want to not waste hot water and just run cold showers. They won’t really be cold, obviously — the Shower Idealizer sees to that.

Also. I almost forgot to mention. You can put the Shower Idealizer on a bathtub and draw an idealized bath. Water in the bath will be purified/idealized as it enters the tub. And water in the bath stays at or changes to the temperature you set mentally, just like when using it on the shower.

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