Smoke Hat

Smoke Hat
Wear this hat when you’re going to inhale smoke of any kind. You will suffer no discomfort or damage as a result of smoke inhalation when wearing the hat. Chemical transfer will still take place; you’re still gonna get fucked up if you breathe weird shit. You’re just magically protected from discomfort and physical damage.

Technically, any hat can be enchanted to be a Smoke Hat, so a Smoke Hat can look like any hat. You often see firefighter’s helmets so enchanted, for example. And people often keep Smoke Hats made from thin cloth caps in their nightstands in case of fire. And of course, Smoke Hats belonging to recreational smokers can be just as stylish and distinctive (or not) as any hat you can imagine. Cigar lounges, for example, tend to have interesting or noteworthy Smoke Hats available for rent. And many cannabis conventions hold annual “Toke” Hat competitions, and you really see some impressive Smoke Hats at those events.

As with all enchanted clothing, a Smoke Hat will not wear out through normal use, but it can be accidentally or deliberately destroyed.

The first Smoke Hat was enchanted in November 1883 by one Phineas Marshall after a friend’s daughter had been injured by smoke inhalation in a house fire earlier that year. Her name was Maria Smith. She ended up being okay, and never again in her life needed the magical invention whose creation was inspired by her ordeal. She always kept it in the nightstand, though.

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