Gurgi’s Water Bottle

Gurgi’s Water Bottle
This is a water bottle, say maybe a 1-liter capacity. Sometimes more, sometimes less. They are almost always very good quality, and rarely flashy or fancy. As with all the Gurgi items, Gurgi’s Water Bottle offers an endless supply of something; in this case, an endless supply of clean potable water. It never runs out. Drink as much as you want; when you tip it back, there is always something to drink. The catch is, it’ll only dispense water that you actually drink. What I mean is, it won’t pour water out unless it is into your mouth, and subsequently swallowed. You can’t even pour it in a cup and then drink it. And you can’t fake it out. The magic knows your heart; it will only dispense water that you swallow. Or that someone else swallows. Presumably this limitation is in place to prevent the bottle from upsetting ecosystems.

On the other side of the coin, you can’t pour anything into the bottle. If you try, the liquid will just deflect from the mouth of the bottle and run down the outsides. Also, if you submerge the bottle with the lid off, it won’t take on any of the liquid it’s submerged in. Non-liquids cannot be forced into the bottle either.

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  1. Isaac May 4, 2023 / 10:22 am

    Can you pour fluid into it? If so, will it come back out? If so, under what circumstances?

  2. ethanabides May 4, 2023 / 11:26 am

    Responded by editing the article. Thanks for the feedback!

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