Earrings of Switcheroo

Earrings of Switcheroo
This is a pair of earrings. They can look like any earrings, but they’re usually high quality, like all magic items. Why would you cast an enchantment on low-quality goods? The earrings, when commanded, will allow you to store a number of wearable magic items. Only wearable items will work: clothing, footwear, hats and the like, jewelry, etc. You cannot store non-magical items in the earrings. What you do is, you take the wearable magic item you want to store, touch the item with one or both of the earrings, utter the store command word, and the magic item will shimmer and disappear, leaving only the earrings. The item is now stored in the earrings. They’re not actually in the earrings, of course; they’re in an extradimensional space connected to the earrings. If the earrings are already storing too many items, the item you’re trying to store will not disappear, and you will know the earrings are full. This does not harm the earrings or the item.

When you wear the earrings, you will be aware of all the items that are stored in them. you can retrieve or deploy any of the items at any time. Speak the retrieve command, and the item will appear in your hand. If you don’t have any hands free, it will be placed on the floor/ground at your feet. Bummer if you’re standing in a river or sitting on a ski lift.

Speak the deploy command, and the desired item will appear on your person, properly worn and fully powered, conferring its benefits on you. If you are already wearing a magic item on that particular area of the body, the item will not be deployed, and you will know why.

When an item has been deployed onto your person from the Earrings of Switcheroo, you can send the item back into the earrings by uttering the restore command. The item will simply disappear off of your body and return to the extradimensional space, ready to be retrieved or deployed once more. If you remove the item from your body by some other means, you will have to touch it to the earrings and use the storage command again.

So. Four commands: store, retrieve, deploy, and restore. They’re almost always single words, easy to remember. Note that you can’t use any of the commands on more than one item at a time.

I would tell you the number of items that the earrings hold if I could, but it just depends on the particular earrings. “Cheap” Earrings of Switcheroo might store 1-3 items. Which is still quite valuable, and you’ll pay less money for them. Nicer ones can store more, usually around 4-9 items. The legendary Earrings of Reka Corbulo, which were lost centuries ago, were purported to be able to store 39 items, but this obviously cannot be corroborated.

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