“Me and Susie, we’re just celebrating the joys of sleeping in.”

— Cowboy Junkies, “Oregon Hill”

What I want to know is, how exactly are they celebrating? The way I see it, there’s two options. Either they’re sleeping, or they’re fucking. I’m sure it says something about you, whichever one you pick. For my part, I pick sleeping. That’s what I assumed the first time I heard the song, and consequently it just seems like the right answer. Who knows what the songwriter intended.

Listening to Music

When you’re listening to music, do you like to know what causes all the sounds you’re listening to? Or do you prefer the mystery of not knowing how the sounds are being made?

Personally, I’m kind of a hybrid. I like to know a lot of the different sources of sounds use in music production, but then I graciously accept those sounds whose origins I cannot determine. Gives the whole thing a little bit of mystery. I like music.

So which one are you? Do you prefer to know what’s making the sounds that are hitting your ears, or do you prefer to not know? Or do you not think about it at all? I’m very curious.

Song of the Day: “Pop/Stars” by K/DA

This is a song I found in my playlist recently that I had no recollection of putting there. It came up on shuffle for the first time after being in the playlist for years, and I was like, “What the fuck is this?” I pieced together that it was a song that Marnie had asked me to find, that I had liked, so I threw it in the playlist and promptly forgot all about it. It’s a song put together by Riot Games to support their League of Legends game. It’s a virtual K-pop girl group, basically. The members of the group are characters from the game; they don’t actually exist. The human performers that give them voice are real, however, and they kick ass. This song is fucking awesome. I love it.

After I took such a shine to this song, I investigated getting into K-pop, but I don’t like it that much, it turns out. Except for this song, that isn’t even K-pop; it’s K-pop-inspired. I don’t know. Whatever. Here’s the song. It’s a fuckin’ banger.

Song of the Day: “Fly to the Angels” by Slaughter

It’s “Fly to the Angels” by Slaughter, from the album Stick It To Ya (1990). One of the cheesiest hair metal power ballads ever created. I love it! I don’t love any other cheesy hair metal power ballads. Just this one. This one does it for me. I have no patience for cheesy hair metal power ballad music videos. It’s still a little too soon for me. So this is a lyric video. Such lyrics.

I actually do unironically love this song. It’s in my playlist and everything. Maybe you’ll hear it and find a little something in it. Or maybe you’ll find I’m just insane. Favorite moment: “BUT I KNOW”