Taco Bell Girl

This is a poem from 2006. I wanted it to be online again, so here it is.

Taco Bell Girl

you are
the most beautiful
Taco Bell employee
I have ever seen
or could have imagined

your hair the color of refried beans
tied back, with a shock peeking from beneath your cap
to frame one eye

your skin a flawless flour tortilla
soft, smooth, delicate

your lips red as tomatoes
part in a dazzling smile
your eyes sparkle
as you ask me
if I want any sauces

give me Fire sauce
to complement my burning mind
set alight by the vision before me

I could ask you what you’re doing after work
but I don’t
social niceties won’t forgive such a breach
of restaurant etiquette

and so I must leave you
behind the counter
to serve the next customer
who cannot see what I have seen
I mourn in a small way
but at least now I have tacos