Three Million Words

That’s sung the same way you’d sing “Five gold rings” from “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. In case you were wondering.

That’s right, I have now written three million words in my diary. Took almost exactly 11 years to do it, so I’m not very fast. But I am prolific.

So what does it mean? It means this is a world class diary I’m working on here. It is noteworthy. So that’s kinda cool. My plan going forward is to continue to write every day. Gotta get to four million, don’tcha know.

We should make a consolidated playlist.

Here is an alphabetical listing of all the songs in my playlist. Currently there are 2,260 songs. Give me the list back with a check mark next to each song you want removed. Also at that time, you will give me a list of the songs you want to add to the playlist, and I will mark off those songs I don’t want to add.

That will give us two lists of songs. Songs to be removed, and songs to be added. We will sit down together, on multiple occasions as needed, and go through the lists. For each song, there will be a verbal debate. If at the end there is still no consensus, each of us will write a paragraph about their desires for the current song, whether it be urging it to stay in or be removed. These paragraphs will be judged by a three-person panel of our friends and family, who will discuss them and then issue a verdict.

The rules for issuing verdicts are as follows: each of these judges will be given two stones, a red and a green. A red stone indicates the song should not be on the playlist, and a green stone indicates it should. You indicate your readiness to vote by placing the appropriate stone in your closed fist and holding it out in front of you. Once all three judges are ready, the hands are opened simultaneously, and the votes are revealed. If there are more red stones than green, the song is eliminated, and if there are more green stones than red, the song is included.

Does the song stay or go? We will go through this process for each song on each list.

This is how this shit works in real life, isn’t it?

Number puzzle

I don’t know how hard this is going to be. Not a clue, as a matter of fact. However, I figured I’d pose the question just in case. You’ll either say, “Oh, that’s fucking easy,” or you won’t be able to figure it out, or somewhere in between.

5, 4, 2. What’s the next number in the sequence?

Amazon Does It Again

So Amazon has this new product. They call it a Dash Smart Shelf. It’s basically a wireless-enabled scale. You set your products on the scale, and it automatically reorders whatever you’re running short on. The idea seems to be, you buy one for each product in your cupboard, and you just keep it there under your dogfood or whatever it is. When the dogfood gets light enough, it reorders. It’s got a battery that lasts two years; after that you have to get a plug-in power adapter. Or, I guess you have to replace the unit. They come in three sizes, and they’re all twenty bucks.

This is unbelievable. Can you imagine wanting this? I can’t. I wonder how it’ll sell. I’m sure there’s some case where this is actually useful and not a complete joke. I can’t think of any examples. I’m tired of being snarky right now, though. Pretend I go on for a paragraph or two, ranting about how this is useless and stupid. Pretend it’s really amusing.

Meanwhile, the wise-ass user reviews have already started to come in. Not very many though. 7 reviews total at the time of this writing. So this product is really seemingly not on anybody’s radar. And really, why would it be?

It’s easy to criticize. It’s easy to taunt. It’s not so easy to actually make a thing and bring it to the market. So I guess, kudos to the Amazon people. They’re always throwing shit at the wall, and that is admirable, in its way. Now if they could just stop treating their workers like shit…


How do we create? Art is the most important thing. We create. We bring to life the visions in our minds. We have visions in the first place.

Humanity is really valuable. Every player has a story to tell. Sure, some of the stories are without value, maybe, but not very many, I’ll bet. This means at least six billion good stories running around living themselves out.

You have to be with yourself every waking moment. Your body is the interface between your will and reality. The body is the most important possession. The brain is part of the body.