I spend a fair amount of time going over scenarios in my head. Some of them based on real life, but most completely fictional. These fictional scenarios have characters, and the characters converse in some cases. They say things, you might say. “Dialogs” are snippets of, well, dialog from these imaginary scenarios.

The dialogs are never gibberish. This isn’t When I Woke Up. The dialogs always make perfect sense in context. I will not reveal the context, nor will I reveal who said what to whom. All you get is the dialog.

The dialogs are interesting to me. Some I remember the context, most I don’t. The scenarios I run in my head have kind of a throwaway feel to them. But sometimes a line will catch my attention, and in those cases I record it in my diary. And then here on my blog.

In all cases, the dialogs are presented in the order in which they happened in my brain. I don’t mix up the order to make things seem to be responding to previous things. That’s all coincidence. Except when it isn’t.

Finally, I want to stress that the dialogs are pure fiction. Nobody ever said any of these things ever. Not even me. I just made them up in my head.

So what’s the point to all this? I don’t know. Does everything have to have a point?

Enough palaver. Here are the dialogs.